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SJWs: After Ferguson we can never trust the police again!

Police: Anita Sarkeesian never contacted us.

*days later*

Police: Oh wait, no… She did. And she’s totally not bribing us to…

A wild rollercoaster ride from start to finish.


"i’m sad and idk how to feel better"


"i don’t know what to draw"


"i always mess up"







4chan’s involvement in the stubenville rape case seems to be the only rebuttal people have when its said that 4chan is generally disgusting and vile, of course besides trying to say “yeah it is, but tumblr is no better!!”

Yeah ok you helped somewhat in stubenville but what about the harassment of anita and zoe quin and spreading of their personal info, the harassment of trans teenagers, the obsession with the word n-gger and faggot,  child pornography, the fappening, cut4beiber, and other attacks on people?

But, as I guess it goes, not all 4chan users.

J: lol nice how you mentioned Zoe Quinn but conveniently left out how /po/ (FUCKING /POL/ OF ALL PLACES) donated large sums of money to a game jam designed to help women create games. 

4chan is a big shit hole and there are plenty of reasons behind that, but you can’t just cherry pick like that. (Plus 4chan has helped doxx child abusers, animal abusers and those who sent out JLaw’s nude pics). 

Lol accusing me of cherypicking. /pol/ is a disgusting place full of hate crimes and racism and you dare try and cherrypick ONE good thing and accuse me of cherrypicking. Ask any 4chan user what he thinks of jews and blacks and i guarantee they will tell you the world would benefit from a genocide

Bro you don’t even need to go for the “yeah that’s nice, but they still are gross” excuse, because it wasn’t even a genuine act of charity. TFYC are kind of a shitty organization in the first place, that game jam, while probably well-intentioned, was basically just asking women to give ideas for free to then probably have programmers make them, and the only reason 4chan donated to that stuff was as a transparent PR move to try and look good in exactly this kind of scenario, to draw attention away from how shitty they are. Remember Vivian James? Remember aaaaall the immediate pornography of Vivian James?

Watch Space Dandy. It's amazing. Also, Aldnoah is really good.

I’ll get to Space Dandy sometime, but I’m more looking for stuff I haven’t heard of already. Gave Aldnoah 3 episodes, and I have a ton of problems with it, but ughhh, I think I’m gonna keep watching.

First 20 minutes of episode 1 were boring as shit, then actual things started happening, so that’s nifty. I guess the main kid is supposed to be neuroatypical, which is fine, but he’s like infuriatingly unemotional. “There is a terrorist attack about to happen, I can see a missile coming towards us, but I’m not going to react in any way or even make an effort to get out of the way.”

Episode 2 was alright, but I’m still not intrigued by the ~political conspiracies~. Like, I get it, the Martians are fraught with corruption. I cannot condone cgi mechas. It’s uncanny valley stuff, and it just plain never looks good. The only times any of the robots looked good was when the big boss mechs were being 2D animated. The music’s good, but it’s also really obvious from the score and tone that they’re trying to do some kind of Attack on Titan for mecha, and I just really don’t want that.

It was kinda dumb how they really emphasized what a brilliant tactical move it was to use smokescreens to remain hidden. That boss dude was fucking floored when they started doing that, and I really couldn’t take it seriously. That said, fuck episode 3 for the ending actually being really goddamn cool.

Trying to find new anime to watch

and everything looks totally boring. All I’m asking for is a fun, honest, down-to-earth show, that’s totally off the wall and swarming with magic robots.



Imagine this: You’re sitting in your animation history class. Your professor says that your classmate who sits two empty seats away from you is going to show his animation. Joy!

Then, projected ten feet tall in glorious HD, is an autobiographical piece about his life problems and his manic pixie dream girl purple skunk girlfriend. Complete with fade to black sex. And masturbation scene.

Imagine that and you will know a fraction of my pain.

holy piss

My condolences to everyone discovering Mike Goes Crazy for the first time now.


Ep. 1 Pg. 19

L.E.D. is appropriate for all ages.


Ep. 1 Pg. 19

L.E.D. is appropriate for all ages.

When the next update, taintsniffer?
Hey hun I dont think youve ever given your full opinions on gamergate yet???

Eh, I’m not really that interested in fanning the flames of this thing that’s basically over at this point.









Zoe “Social Justice Rogue” Quinn has been lurking in 4Chan’s raiding IRC channels the last couple of weeks, gathering chat logs.

Turns out, the ENTIRETY of #GamerGate was completely manufactured by 4channers, and they played EVERYONE that joined in on the #GamerGate tag and the #NotMyShield tag. Everyone. None of it was true.

Favorite tweet from this? 

I make video games, did y’all really think I didn’t know how the internet works?

well this is way fucking scarier than anything else, and damn there’s enough evidence to convince me it’s true and that i was wrong in not believing zoe quinn. if she didn’t abuse anyone she hasn’t done anything wrong - video game journalism is still, however, bullshit. 

the only thing i wanna see is that the other person had video evidence of what was supposedly their former chat logs, any kind of actual video stuff in terms of evidence would even the playing field. either way this is horrifying and really fucking scary

But wait! There is a video of it!!

welp i’m sold, 4chan fooled me and is scary as hell.

Yep. It’s scary as hell, and I’ve been seeing it unfold for the past month and a half, and it’s enough to scare women out of game development, and they’ve also been driving out freelance journalists (also women) as well.

Oh, and here’s another video!

And Zoe’s going to be uploading a vid that one of her friends took while her tumblr was attacked.

Updated with 2 videos from Zoe that she posted on her twitter. Will repost with the tumblr attack video, too.

Well, whaddya fuckin know