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I love the whole 'Anita stole LP footage/art' argument because for some reason the people against her make some logical jump from 'she is a bad person/has done bad things' to 'SHE IS SPOUTING LIES AND ONLY LIES HER WHOLE MESSAGE IS WRONG AND EVIL'

Sometimes people make mistakes. It sure is nice when they own up to it and make amends with the person they’ve wronged, instead of digging themselves way deeper into a hole.

Also to those who say she "scammed" people obviouslt dont know anything about the film industry. Just a sheet of greenscreen and a stand can cost around 50-100 dollars. Imagine the cameras, workforce, editing software, etc that it costs? Yeah you can find something cheaper, but she bought these to last, which means breaking out the benjamins. also people gave her this money, she didnt steal it.

Thank you for the insight! I have very little knowledge on the budgeting on a film setup (despite co-oping at a studio, haha), so that helps. And yeah, like I said, people chose to give the money. People always spout on about “buyer beware” when it comes to companies and corporations, but as soon as an indie woman comes along, suddenly they’re all a bunch of consumer rights activists?

The artwork usage is defendable because she thought it was official art by the quality of it.

It elevates the issue to “honest mistake”, but a mistake nonetheless. Again, one that she apologized and made amends for.

They're not angry about her opinion.....well atleast that's not what the smart ones are mad about. It's that she disables her comments and like bar, steals footage from let's players, has stolen artwork to use on her show, and she calls pretty in game npcs as "sex objects". She also got alot of money to produce her show via kickstarter and only made 4 videos since then, no increase in quality what so ever. Lastly, she is a conartist who doesn't even play the games she criticizes rather harshly.

Oh, so we’re doing this? Okay, sure. Let’s turn the beat back and break this down.

1. If you’ve received the degree of disgusting hatred and threats and just utterly exhausting comments as literally any outspoken woman in the games industry, I’d be surprised if you’d last as long as any of them.

2. Let’s players don’t have copyright over the footage of cutscenes in the games themselves, only their transformative commentary on top of them (none of which I’ve seen used). The gameplay segments seemed tailored to show of the discussed points as well.

3. The artwork issue was a legitimate problem, and a mistake that she apologized for. I can’t really defend it, but the issue was resolved.

4. Your “sex object” part doesn’t deserve to be countered.

5. I haven’t looked into the details of the Kickstarter campaign. My only comment is that I have supported artists I admire with money they didn’t need before, so I don’t care.

6. Every single point I’ve seen her bring up so far has been regarding something that requires no hands-on interactive experience with the game, just observation. Her “gamer cred” is irrelevant.

I cannot believe how harmless and not-inflammatory that Tropes vs Women show is.

Like, this is literally what a million whiny pissbabies are up in a huff about? Breaking news: Misogynists continue to waste own time, more at eleven.

8'C They nerfed Faith builds AGAIN. Sun spear, lightning spears, and heavenly thunder got nerfed in patch 1.07. *weeps for his faith-based character*

I accidentally deleted my save file in King’s Field 4, and I was at the last dungeon. I’m weeping with you.

On the bright side, oh man me and my best bro have been brainstorming for L.E.D. and it’s so hype!


My main personal goal is to write a book or something and people read it enough that someone interviews me about it

like a minor news source

any kind of news source

I have made up interviews about the book i’m writing in my head

that’s my dream

My other dream is obviously the first page of google thing.

You are totally not alone in this dream, and I’m sure a lot of other people would agree.

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Shinken Red, Imperial Report!

Young Fresh

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

Ughhhhhh hell yes, these kids are so hyped about justice!


Glen u r da bes

Haha that guy was a huge chode.