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I think one of my greatest fears (other than literally dying) is growing up into an old man and becoming as un-self-aware and irrelevant to the younger generations as the old people we make fun of now.

Using icons of smug-looking white guys always seems to be a really good indication that someone is a major fuckboy, and I vow never to do so.

As you can see from my own, while I am white, I’m also adorable as shit and rosy-cheeked, and clearly taking everything very seriously.

Yo if you don’t think evolution is just the sickest raddest thing ever and makes a good theme for a story, you can get right outta my face.

Thank you for all of the feedback, everyone! You all provided some good advice and even some helpful resources. I’m basically trying to make a more-or-less kid/preteen friendly story here, but still do a good job of characterizing my villain as an irredeemable monster, with more than just “he’s a cackling maniacal villain” or evil for the sake of evil. It’s a bit of a fantastical setting, rather than domestic, and I definitely won’t be portraying elements of sexual abuse.

Unfortunately, my problem is still a little more complex than that. The kind of writing and portrayal trope I’ve been reading a little about lately is the concern of attributing horrible acts only to the truly villainous monsters, because in real life, horrible acts are done by ostensibly “normal” people all the time, and it’s not good to make it seem like I’m saying “Well, good or normal people don’t do things like this!” What I want to convey is the idea that “If you do something like this, it doesn’t matter how ‘normal’ you are, you are a monster.” Which I realize is a very minor difference, but I feel it’s kind of key. I just am a bit confused because, especially in kids’ media, it makes sense to associate acting like this to the horrible villains, you know?

When approaching the issue of depicting acts of violence and evil to characterize my villains (some of which may involve acts reminiscent of domestic abuse), how do I make a clear difference between the conveyance of “Only horrible villainous monsters treat people this way” and “Treating people this way means that you are a horrible villainous monster”?

I don't think he should have to apologize, if I can play devils advocate. Jon makes a good point that we are started to accept that being censored and overly-pc is okay, and this sjw type of mindset is poisonous to comedy.

There are not enough “women laughing with salad” stock photos to respond to this.

Do you hate Jon now?

I certainly can’t say I hate him, I don’t know him. I’m just really disappointed? He’s super cute and he made me laugh a lot when I was stressed out in high school, and it was so nifty to watch him grow from tiny youtube dork to one of the most successful video game-based content creators on the site with GG. But then this whole thing happened, and he refuses to apologize for any of it and it’s been this snowball of horrible garbage crashing into a train as it derails. At least Arin’s still great.

Like for Jontron the adorable, fluffy koala man from 3 years ago.

Reblog for Jontron the gross, anti-SJW goblin man now.

Anyone know any good mecha webcomics? Like, webcomics made outside of Japan, or at least indie stuff with cool art styles. And not just a good webcomic that features a mecha at some point, because every lame nerdy gag comic does that. I mean big fucking robots as the focus.

I’ve been looking around a bit and like damn, am I really competing in such an unsaturated arena?

Respect everyone equally, especially those you disagree with.

Thank you, Anon, I needed a good laugh.